I'm a photographer based in Bend, Oregon where I specialize in architecture, interiors, and custom homes. In my spare time, which I never have enough of, I spend every minute I can with my beautiful daughter...oh, I'm absolutely obsessed with chasing steelhead with a spey rod.

My passion for photography started out as a way to capture the beauty I saw around me while I was fly fishing (hence, the name of my business). To me, some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen have been while I was out on the river with family and friends. Even though they were etched in my mind, I wanted a way to bring those images home with me. Photography was the perfect vehicle.

Being the perfectionist I am, I quickly realized I didn't want just any picture. I wanted to take photos as sharp and well composed as the ones done by professionals. I started buying some equipment, I studied various techniques, and before I knew it I had taken on a whole new hobby. This quickly turned into a passion that has evolved into my livelihood. I absolutely love going to work everyday. I'm lucky to work with great clients and I get to photograph some incredible structures. I couldn't be happier.