Tosnflies Photography Services

We've all heard you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Unfortunately, if that impression doesn't make an impact, it could also be your last. In today's highly competitive world nothing will grab the attention of a potential client or customer like a great image. A key component of any good marketing plan is to make sure your images stir emotions and make your potential client investigate further. This is where Tosnflies Photography can serve your needs. We will showcase your work in the best light and make sure it has the visual appeal to make that great first impression.



Photography for Architects, Designers, and high end Real Estate

Most often, photographs are the only means by which your potential clients or the public will be able to see your work. Photographs that capture the beauty and functionality of your designs are integral in attracting new clients and creating effective marketing materials. My images will represent you and your designs well across any platform for years to come.


Technique and Method

​We will spend the time to find the best angles, move and tweak furniture if necessary, to get the space looking just right. We will add or remove light in order to capture the feeling and mood of the space for which it was intended. Every shoot will be approached with the intention that the image will be published in advertisements or editorial features in magazines.



The Shoot....What to expect

Regardless of the subject, I'm absolutely obsessed with quality and I will never shortcut the process to create a photograph. Ideally, each photoshoot would begin with a walkthrough early in the morning to create a schedule that allows me to plan the shoot efficiently. I'll follow the best light, working with it to create the best lighting situations that highlight the space and its amenities. I will discuss with you your thoughts on the best features of the space and any input you have related to the shoot. If you believe there is a certain feature that you absolutely love and sets the space apart, let me know and I'll be sure to give it extra attention.


Post Production

For interiors and architectural shoots I will typically have the photos uploaded to a private client proofing gallery within one week of the shoot. You'll then have the opportunity to review the images and give us any feedback or retouching requests you may have before final delivery. Included in the shoot is one free round of retouching. If there are any blemishes that you'd like us to take care of ahead of time please let us know and it shouldn't be a problem. 

For high end  Real Estate shoots I will usually deliver the photos within 48 hours via a proofing gallery or dropbox. I also include one free round of retouching as well. If desired, I can put together a photo book that documents the property that you can then give as a keepsake to your clients. Please let me know ahead of time if this is something that you'd like to do.